/+=+\?Favorite Album?/+=+\

Favorite RADIOHEAD Album That Is (!!!) ,

Here Are Tha Albums To Choose From … ,








Ok and Since You have Been So Patient With Me ,

Here’s A Surprise V(Y)D Wit Tha Lead Singer Doing Some Amazing Solo Work On Stage With A Newish Song From THE KING OF LIMBS … ,

Thus Was Recorded Before That Carayzee Album Came Out … ,

Ok So Choose Wisely ,

There Mite Be A Surprise With Tha Most CORRECT Answers … ,

If Tha True Winner Wins Then There Will Be Another Surprise (!!!) ,

The Competition Ends At Midnite … ,


I’m on a king of limbs phase.

I’m taking Amnesiac, since I gotta pick just one.

Roommate picks In Rainbows disc 2, which is not an option.

Hmm , Hello Minnii ,

Well KING OF LIMBS Is A Shore Loser In My Opinion … ,

When That One Came Out I Was Excited As Always but As I Lissened and Got To Tha Turtle Part , I Winced and Violently Shook as It Wouldn’t Stop … ,

So That Was Tha First and Last T(Y)me I Lissened to It … ,

and I Was Around Some Other Fan Fans As We Waited Online For Tha V(Y)D For Lotus Flower To Be Released … ,

and We Sat Behind Our Computers and Watched As Tha V(Y)D Was Being Shown For Tha First
T(Y)me In China OR Japanish Area … ,

and I Sat Down Trembling haha , Trembling and Trembling … ,

and THEN (!!!) ,

There It Was , a Lynk To See Tha V(Y)D ,

Kinda L(Y)Ke Thus One (!!!)

and I Stared Blankly … I Was Supremely Disappointed … ,

I Didn’t Even Look At Tha Screen as It Played … ,

My Smile Turn Upside Down Frown Crown and Such … ,

and THEN I Decided , Well ■■■■ It Jus Lissen To Thee ERASER Once (for tha trillionth tyme) Once More … ,

and THEN , I Passed Out … ,

Haven’t Lissened To KING OF LIMBS Since … , Altho Tha Basement Show Release Of That Album Was Magical … ,

and Hello Rhubot ,

AMNESIAC Is One Of My Intensely Loved Favorites , I Remember When That One Got Released THE PYRAMID Song V(Y)D Was Shown On One Of Tha Music Channels and After I Seen and Heard That One , I Almost Died … , I Went To A Far Away Record Store With Some “friends” and When We Got There I Asked The Guy Working , " do you have amnesiac " … , and He Was L(Y)Ke " Yep!!! , Tha First song is worth thee entire album " … ,

So I Didn’t Hesitate Naught Even A Little When I Snatched it Up and Lissened To It For About 5 Hudred Trillion
T(Y)me$ …

and Then There’s Thus … , My Mistake Yo , I Can’t believe I Forgot IN RAINBOWS (!!!) ,

One Of My Favorites ALSO … , Tha Last Couple Of Months I Throw Thus One In My Lil Radio and Sing-a-Long and Play It At Least Once A Day … ,

and On Tha Subject Of Surprises , Let’s See … , How About TRUE LOVE WAITS (???) ,

OK So e(Y)e Shall ,

I Suppose There Doesn’t Always Have To Be A Winner … ,

Muchos Del Grande L.O.V.E. Yo Yo’s …

and Yes I Love , Love , Love, Love lovelove Thus One … ,

I did Get Tha Box Set During Those T(Y)me$ ,

I Remember I Was Sitting In Tha Floor When They In Tha Mourning Released In Rainbows For Whatever Price , and I Stared At Tha Screen Like I Was A Friggin Zombie … , I Think I Payed 7ish Dollars For it and Then Bought Tha Box Set For 70ish , When That Shizz Arrived It Was Infinity Christmas … ,

I Love Thus Friggin Band …

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