:::POLL::: ?~Musical Magic~? :::POLL:::

!~Pick Favorite~!
  • Deerhunter?
  • King Tuff?.
  • Radiohead?.
  • Spoon?.

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Deerhunter~ ‘Cryptograms’.


King Tuff~ ‘Self Titled’.


Radiohead~ ‘Kid A’.


Spoon~ ‘Gimme Fiction’.


Chooze Wizely (!!!).

Hope, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.


Pick With Your Judgment Of The Music In The Album.


By The Album Cover Alone.

If You Know None Of These Artist’s. I Shall Give You Quick Topical Summaries Of Their Music.

Deehunter~ ‘Is Eerily Creeping’.

King Tuff~ ‘Is Spaced Coffin Magic’.

Radiohead~ ‘Is Experimental Spirits’.

Spoon~ ‘Is Bouncy Cool’.

Enjoy Your Trek Into The Brand New Exclusive Magic Of Melody (!!!).

And As A Prize If You Voted, Check These Guys Out As Well…,

Deftones~ ‘White Pony’.


Tool~ ‘Undertow’.


Stay Thirsty Friends (!!!).

Hope, True Love, Honesty, Joy, Eternal Peace!.


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‘I Feel The Pain Of Everyone, Then I Feel Nothing’~ Dinosaur Jr. Released 1994

Arcade Fire

Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)

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‘The Breath, An Unbroken Gift From The Queen Of Silver Skies Walking With Thee’~ Orzolek

‘There Is No Beautifully Secretive Truth From The Empires Of Careful Wisdom’~ Giselle

‘The Peacefully Hopeful Friendship Gazed At The Embers Of Promise’~ Alison

‘Secretive Endings Within Eternal Love Buoyant Among The Friendship Of Perfection’~ Joanne

‘The Layers Of Colourful Emotion Began To Gracefully Dance In Static’~ Laurie

‘Confusing Love Hiding In Endless Pyramids Fascinated By Willful Ignorance’~ Angela

‘The Meaningless Wander Discovering Egyptian Beauty In The Courts Of Ending’~ Augello