Family says I can't take CBT

My family says I can not take CBT but I need to, it is my last hope, maybe it is too late, I have people abusing me, I have intrusive thoughts, but they wont let me take it, what can I do?

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Are you an adult? If so you can do what you want unless your family pays your way


Of all the things to forbid why CBT? Nobody has anything to lose by taking it, it’s just therapy, all good.

What good is cbt going to do?

Have they confused CBT and CBD?


cbt is like just simple stuff right it wont do much

I feel like it is too late, it was my last hope. People are putting pictures in my mind and someone are seeing those pictures and they are really upset I was fine 2 years ago, but suffering from intrusive thoughts and having people viewing and hearing the images, I feel really terrible, and they hate me. Maybe CBT would have made me a normal person. I hope there is hope for me. I can not stand these thoughts but it might be someone else I pray that it is. I can understand if they want to kill me. I just need some privacy. I am not an abusive person.

CBT can actually do alot it has helped me with a good portion of my psychosis. I am a huge advocate for therapy.


I need to know if it worked for your intrusive thoughts. If so what kind of thoughts.

It has helped me with intrusive thought. CBT helps change your mind set.

Why won’t your family not want you to go to CBT? Are you an adult?

They think that it would not help but I think it would, I have intrusive thoughts that I could cure and not have to worry about anymore. I also have people thinking they can read these thoughts. I hope not though and I have a person always trying to get into my business and is always bad mouthing me. They are really terrible like someone would shoot me over them.

If you are an adult or independent of your parents it shouldn’t be a problem whether you get CBT or not. I have had good experience with CBT and it has helped me with intrusive thoughts.

Are you confusing cbt and cbd ?

You don’t “take” cbt.

How is it a last hope…cbt is pretty standard therapy that is done any time?

Now I’m confused :thinking:

It just sounds like they have the therapy mixed up with the oil from weed that is thc free.

Oh I see. I really dont know how cannabis oil will help with intrusive thoughts then.

I’m not sure just wondered if they were mixed up.

I haven’t heard of CBD helping intrusive thoughts, I just thought from the “taking it” part, and the parents refusing, maybe they misunderstood what CBT was.

Where’s @velociraptor, I think he knows of a book.

CBT can help intrusive thoughts.

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It doesn’t remove intrusive thoughts or delusions really, it helps you modify your own behavior so you are less affected by them and function better despite them. Pushing back against the crap in my head is almost a reflex now, and it really helps with maintaining insight when you’re VERY symptomatic.