Family fights

How do you manage family fights?

Today there was a huge fight in my home’s kitchen. I just stayed in my parents’ bedroom with my nephews while my siblings were arguing and yelling to each other (one of my nephews got a bit scared).

You can call me schizophrenic or whatever, but my elder siblings just don’t know how to be more assertive with each other. If it’s a ‘normie’ life (like many people here value), I don’t want it.

The unique thing I can do is to stay away from those fights because I really don’t want to get involved.


My family doesn’t really fight like that but if i were in your position i would probably do the same thing and try not to get involved.

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Thanks, @disciple!

When I heard the yellings, I thought it was too much and stayed away.

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I yelled at my dad about the kids he fathered years ago. He says he don’t have other kids. You think youre funny don’t you dad?

No big deal I’ve been an only child for 37 years. I’m gonna let it go. I’ve got mental faculties to take care of.

To quote A.A. , “Anger is the dubious luxury of normal people”. I’m not sure we can afford to get involved in fights etc.


I love my brother and everything but I try real hard to get on his good side.
When he gets angry … really angry, it gets to be downright scary.

He has threatened to kick me off of his property before and has threatened to call up the cops on me over a minor issue.

Let’s just say that he has a temper.


Very good quote. Maybe we can get in relationship’s yellings, but I’m not sure if it’s necessary.

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