Fall flowers blooming early

My Chrysanthemums and Turtle heads are looking like they are ready to bloom. Odd, since they bloom in fall and the weather has been too hot.

I usually listen to the trees when it comes to the seasons. The tress aren’t even changing color… I wonder if we’re hitting temps low enough at night to confuse the fall flowers.

The fall dahlias aren’t jumping up early. The squash is finally starting to ripen. Very odd happenings in the courtyard garden.

I love fall… so I do end up happy when nature tells me… fall is coming.


We’ve been having unusual weather here too. We’re having summer and yet it’s rained a few times and cooled way down. Flowers are blossoming around here too. Your garden sounds wonderful.

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I do some grounds keeping for my apartment building. I get to use the center court yard as my canvas.

Plus… with some mowing, hedge pruning, and basic up keep, I get some money knocked off my rent.

where I am there are already a few leaves turning to yellow and even bright red here and there, noticed this yesterday.

i’ve been thinking about taking up my landlord on his offer of a gas fire lately but idk if its a bit soon just now

Here in Cape Town its the opposite - spring has come early. The last few days have been quite warm and the wildflowers are blooming already. I’m going to miss winter…

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There are a few subtle signs here in Atlanta that fall is near. I’ve noticed some leaves have been collecting on the sundeck, the owls are back (yay:), more spider webs outside, and days are a little shorter. I love fall too.

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ive pears and apples in my garden already and blackberries everywhere must be global warming if so bring it on ive been too cold for decades (uk)

Here in Michigan I bought some really superb Washington apples today.

We have had a pretty mild summer.
I DO NOT want winter back.
For me, Fall means winter is coming!