Fake memories

Do any of you here remember stuff that never happens even though you were not having thoughts of perinoia at the time or before you were scizo


During psychosis I thought a lot of stupid things but none of them were real. I remember it all vividly but it didn’t mean much…Just a mind going haywire.

I just got to a point where I let it all go…getting better was a much better option!!

Say, didn’t I see you at a Led Zeppelin concert in 1977? I distinctly remember that you were wearing a blue shirt and asking me for the time.

I used to get this when I was in psychosis because my dreams were so vivid that I would remember them as if they really happened. Most of the time it was just conversations. It might’ve had something to do with me quitting weed at the time because dreams become more vivid when you quit

I’ve thought I remembered conversations that it turned out I never had.
It’s scary.

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It happened to me well before I was diagnosed. I was told a story and as time passed it actually became a memory. I was convinced I was there until I was shown that I couldn’t have been. A bit of a brain blip.

There’s a few little hallucinations that I remember that seem like real memories. Typically I can’t recall anything though.

I couldn’t tell the difference between things that really happened and things that were imagined, for lack of a better term.

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Yes, I have created many false memories thanks to psychosis, but I don’t think I ever did that as a kid, as in before I got really sick for the first time. Those false memories seem completely real, but I’m currently rational enough to know those things could not have happened. During a psychotic break is different, though.

Yes when I was a little kid I had all these memories of things that had happened that apparently never happened. Later I viewed them as past life memories.

Oh good to know I did not no fake memories were real