Fairys wear boots.......story by Dr Zen

as a young child I and my sister would play in front of the window in the front of the house, like it was a picture screen, I would take my boots off and set them on the window seal and with my hand move them like they ware dancing on there own my sister would stand above me and wave her wowed over them in her pink fair dancers custom. out side people passing by would stop and look at the site like a puppet show. kids well play…


aw that story is adorable.

I came here to hear about “fairies in boots,” but ended up growing my heart instead of my…er …um … chest

When pan came to me during my psychosis i had no idea that the old peoples would have called him a faerie. I was shown images of tinkerbell and was told that was a faerie.

Didn’t have boots on.

Voice while walking down the road “People have never before been this far removed from the spirit.”

fairies travel on feet because they’re mystical. no boots

That’s a nice story @TheGreatestDrZen
Tugged on my heart a bit