I’m a person diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. I am fairly extroverted. Who else here is extroverted and loves talking to people?
I find myself encouraging others in the workplace, and making good suggestions to customers. I work in fast food. I enjoy talking, getting to know people, being entertaining; I like to act. I perceive myself as a fairly social being. Who else here exhibits these traits despite their diagnosis? :slight_smile:

Paranoid sz and aggressively social. I have a genuine interest in other people and I also know how to listen. If you can listen and talk you tend to have a lot of friends.

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Wonderful! You talk a lot? Or just talk to everyone? I love talking! Do you find people like talking to you? I love the experience, the “magic” of the moment!

I will try to talk underwater as the old saying goes. Some people are annoyed because I rarely like silence. I’m sure my teammates at cricket have to get used to it because I’m not changing anytime soon. Talking is fun and I learned a lot years ago when I was majoring in communication.

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How do you find interesting things to express your vocabulary?

Reading is your friend and university level communications is interesting. Paradigmatic choices and such. It’s interesting stuff.

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I love the reading of scientific concepts, and social ideas , mostly. How do you think psychology fairs in your interests?

I probably read more fiction than non fiction but have read a lot. I was always interested in communication and rhethoric. Never really finished it or did anything with it but it gave me some good tools. I can hold my own with most people.

I think of myself as a social schizotypal person. I love being together with others, but it’'s difficult, i’m a bit awkward socially, and I have to be alone very often to regain my power.

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