So I have 1 thing on my criminal record… Possession charge for marijuana…

Was years ago… and now it’s time to get it expunged. Or sealed away from anyone but the judge of that specific court and probably a few other sources. But background checks from employers wouldn’t report the charge… Important in finding work.

Does anyone have experience with this?

The sire I found said “Free form” which I thought I could print off and mail in. There are also various lawyers who offer the service of presenting the case to the judge and all that. I’d rather not have to travel the couple hundred miles to make an appearance. Or present my case myself.

Anyways… the form turned out to be an online interactive process… a few steps in it states “There will be a 100$ filing fee.” Now I’m guessing that varies from state to state… so I just exited out of it figuring I’d do a little more homework first.

More or less just wondering what the total costs was for anyone who has had this done in the past.

The cost will determine the time-frame in which I’ll be able to get this process started. It’s on my list though… and needs to be done.

Anyone have any info?

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i got charged and put in jail for the night…
but it is minor charge…
personally it has never bothered me…nor did employers ever ask…or for that matter care !?!
but i am in australia so probably is different here !?!
take care :alien:

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Getting your record expunged, IF the offense occurred as an adult and NOT a minor, it’s kinda tricky. You may very well get the offense expunged, but there will then be a record of the expungement itself. If the offense occurred as a juvenile, the records are sealed and no one will ever see it (assuming of course that you successfully completed parole/probation).

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I have a criminal record too. Domestic violence and disruption of the peace. My domestic violence record is more that seven years so people don’t ask about it.

When I was charged they said I’d be able to get it expunged… so I’m hoping they meant that… it was a long time ago… over 5 years ago for certain,.,

maybe I’ll just make a call to that courthouse tomorrow…

I highly recommend hiring a lawyer. The paperwork is very confusing and has to be sent to about seven different offices in a matter of days from receiving paperwork originally sent out. Not only is there a lot of paperwork but you need specific addresses and specific charges and dates and docket numbers. The addresses, in my state at least, were not available over the net and navigating who to call for them was confusing. Legal aide sent me the links for the paperwork but like I said it was too overwhelming. Remember too that you have to have your arrest expunged also as this is different than your conviction. Sorry to sound pessimistic but I’m just giving my experience. Seriously though hire a lawyer. Good luck! :sunny:


Thank you for the direction @sungirl… this might have to wait a while… but I’m guessing the further back the charge the more likely the process will go smoothly.

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