Explain to me ssi/ssdi/concurrent benefits/

I don’t have a lot to of work history , and im wanting to figure out how much money i can qualify for. I read somewhere that ssdi minumum payment is 550 plus you can get ssi payments or concurrent benefits. Also there’s an optional state payment . I need help planning because 733 a month i can roommate with people get foodstamps etc but anything less i can’t imagine being able to survive

It’s based upon your work history if it’s SSDI, you won’t get SSI unless you have MR or something from birth. Keep calling social security office and saying you need to have your file reviewed. They only pull them up randomly, but if you request they will take yours first.

Im wondering how they decide to pay people. Im young only 27 ️️meaning payment amounts

If you have work history where you can’t hold a job, have about 25 different employers, they will say, this person needs income to survive.

They give benefits to people who are disabled and can’t work. I’m not sure if it’s possible for anyone to give you an exact number for how much you are eligible for. I don’t know the formula for figuring out how much you can receive. The national number for Social Security is 1-800-772-1213. They can answer a lot of your questions. I first got awarded SSI and SSDI in 1982 when I was 21 years old. I had worked sporadically from age 17 to 19. You can receive Social Security and still work at a later date.

I get $1127 on SSDI. I was an architect before I got sick. If you haven’t worked much you may be put on SSI. People prefer SSDI because then you can add wages from a job part time without losing your benefits like on SSI.

If you had psych diagnosis when under 23, you get your parent’s work history & SSDI benefits I think.

SSI is $700 month (+ medicaid/food stamps/electricity) & if you are flat broke with no assets but a car or house, you get this payment within couple of months of filing for social security. You will be denied first attempt, usually in fifth month. If you are hospitalized again or get fired from a job, you can try to file second time if you are still keeping the psych doctor appointments. You can also try to appeal & get attorney to help. Could be 2-3 years before you are given a court date & benefits may be granted…

To find out how much you would get from social security, you need to get onto ssa.gov website & order your work history report. Inside this report, you will find out how much money you might get. You might be able to call 800 number and find out.

It is also good to note, if you have any children, your SSDI payment increases by 50% total…But SSI families get nothing extra except stamps. So unfortunately, these are usually drug dealers or constantly working under table/stealing/rearranging the money from all in household to get anything…It is easier for SSI if you don’t get married. YOu also fill out food stamp app showing the SSI recipient pays a little rent (when possible) in order to keep the stamps & medicaid coming…,.If parents end up in jail for dealing drugs, SSI payments stop for grand parents so this is where the 12 year old selling drugs can happen…

You CAN work if you are waiting for SSDI decision but keep it to $800 a month for year prior to your application for SSDI. You can also work after getting SSDI…I would limit income to $700 a month so you never lose your medicare insurance which starts 2nd year of your benefit payments. In some states, if you work you can get access to medicaid insurance for low monthly sliding fee premium so you don’t have any copay on any meds or med care…Medicare coverage is $200 deductible, 20% copay on DR plus RX is variable fee – You pay $100 a month for Medicare which is available to you at start of your 2nd year of SSDI payments. This is called Medicaid for Working Disabled…

You can work on SSI too but it reduces your payment. If you want to work while on SSI, you need to talk to case manager at county mental clinic to plan how much income you can earn & still keep your Medicaid & SSI.

On SSDI, your payment is not reduced by working. You may also get Medicaid & free meds on SSDI if your income is low enough, but you may not…

If you try to move to smaller town, you can get shorter wait for Section 8 apartments. It can be 4 years wait in city.

You get credits from working which determines how much you get from SSDI. The more work credits the more money you get. You loose credits the longer you go without working. It took me 6 years to get SSDI. I lost work credits over that amount of time and I got less money when I won my case. It was very messy had to get a lawyer involved. Social Security doesn’t like to give disability to people under the age of 35. Your young and they will hold it against you. You need to prove everything to them. It’s best to have your work history on paper any disciplinarians or termination notices. You also need to have the support of your doctor and he needs to approve and support your case. It’s best if your doctor is a MD out of a hospital and not some fly by night shrink. It also helps if you go for therapy and counseling. Also if you had any problems in school get your school records. It depends on the state how much they scrutinize you so be prepared for all of this. You loosing work credits by the day so don’t mess around be prepared.

My doctor is a MD out of a hospital. He is very well known and respected in the medical community. I see him as out patient at a hospital. I’ve been a patient for 10 years before I applied for disability. The first judge I saw from SS call my doctor a liar and said he was just being sympathetic to my cause. Social Securites claims examiner said I have a high IQ and I was trying to pull one over on the system. I lost my first case and had to reapply a second time.

I had school records showing I have severe psychological problems all throughout school.
I had Hospital records from 2 hospitalizations each a month stay.
I had 10 years of documentation from out patient therapy.
I had work records from 4 jobs that I was fired from showing I couldn’t hold a job.

And they denied me for 6 years.

Don’t count on Social Security or your lawyer to get your records DO IT YOURSELF!

If you are not confused any more & do not respond to the verbal harassers, Craigslist is FULL of ranch jobs in the country or river guide stuff right now…You have it easier as male. You have fewer risks or worries…Just let the nutty people complain for a little while & you will be left alone…Don’t talk to yourself or follow orders from the voices…

Lots of the river runners let you live on site & you can do the III rapids easily if you can just swim & did CPR class. You don’t even need to know how to aim the boat on the run to do III, IV rapids demand you know your way down that section of river so don’t take these…There are so many tourist places hiring for summer only work if you just look at website, you get lodging & all your meals plus an under-the-table wage at smaller operations.

Sell some stuff & get on the greyhound bus. Your symptoms can be A LOT different due to location. Colorado is pretty sniffling place for the women as some of the men are really aggressively stupid about harassing women into dating in even smaller town…Some of the other smaller communities anywhere will try to scare you a little bit or talk about the town scary stuff for just a little while, (city is easier place in my opinion as long as you don’t show mental symptoms or tell people you are on the check) but if you keep smiling and working the smaller community will call you okay & keep you employed. Housing is cheaper too…Plus easier time getting Section 8.

Some places have a lot of screwed over people who applied for SSDI for mental problems and got denied so understand why there anger on this issue & why some people who dealt with psychosis even for a little while will verbally harass a stranger called gang stalking, thought broadcasting or cause stalking. Some towns have a few hate monger churches going too who think they have mental problems conquered with their church & theirs bug the heck out of people stupidly…Remember, there is no advice on this stuff from mental care because it is delusional. DO NOT EVER GET ANGRY WITH YOUR PSYCH DR. You get locked up for a long time…

I would apply online & interview by phone before I left to go there unless you don’t mind trying outdoors time or homeless shelter but can reduce your fear a little in smaller cities…Sleeping in car sounds nicer to me. The $1k old van sounds nice…

WWOOF.NET is really neat idea too. You can spend months working on a farm in any country or state in exchange for room/board.

Some of the horizontal oil drilling guys are paying newbies $35 hour. Look around for ads, they want mobile people…May let you hang around the place for a while.

Check out the fertility clinics in your area. Donor thing can pay nicely.

I’m sorry. I don’t mean to sound rude AT ALL. I’ve been stuck living in dead end crap hole city with so many things going under or WRONG, I can relate. Craigslist has been HUGE help to find all kinds of good job opportunities, informal and W_2, all over the US. Little money here/there can keep you okay a little longer…Sometimes the day center has a job placement service but most of the stuff is like hauling the beer cooler up the stadium stairs during games but some of the jobs are fast food.