Is it SSI or Social Security that pays benefits?

I can’t remember which it was

If it’s determined I have brain damage, I might qualify now

Both. I used to get both SSI and SSDI at the same time. Now I don’t qualify for SSI, I just qualify for SSDI. You have to have a work history to qualify for SSDI, I believe. SSDI is Social Security Disability Insurance. I believe SSI is Supplemental Security Income.

Are the qualifications different?

Not sure. I got both because I was mentally disabled.

I qualified for both because I have paranoid schizophrenia.

I got SSI because I have schizoaffective disorder/ schizophrenia. I get benefits. I don’t qualify for SSDI because I haven’t worked enough.

I may have brain damage from a car accident that happened a year ago, if it’s determined that’s causing my psychotic symptoms, maybe i’ll already qualify

You just got to prove you are disabled / can’t work because of it. A doctor can do it. It helps to have a medication and hospital history as it provides evidence.

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Well you can call the national number and they might tell you on the phone if you qualify. Or you can call your local office.

The national number is 1-800-772-1213. You can also go to the Social Security website.