Ex cops acquitted in brutal beating death of Kelly Thomas

A jury has acquitted two former Fullerton California police officers on trial in the 2011 brutal beating death of Kelly Thomas, a schizophrenic homeless man.
Surveillance camera footage shows Kelley Thomas being beaten, clubbed and stunned with a Taser by police.
Both were found not guilty on all charges.
Kelly Thomas could be heard on footage, crying out for his father, while being brutally beaten into a coma, he later died 5 days later.
Is there no justice? May you rest in Peace Kelly

That sucks. I remember seeing the video footage years ago. There is no justice.

Yeah I remember when this story first came out. For some reason I really felt connected to this man and the story itself. I am very sad to hear about the outcome. I feel sad for his father, who fought tooth and nail for a drop of justice.
This is really a very sad day for me and for many people I am sure.