Evidence of sustained benefits of pimavanserin for dementia-related psychosis

Relapse occurred in 28/99 (28.3%) of the placebo group, compared to 12/95 (12.6%) of the pimvanserin group, with pimvanserin more than halving the relapse rate and significantly improving the sustained benefit.

The trial found headache, urinary tract infection and constipation occurred more frequently in the pimavanserin group, but there was no increase in mortality or the other serious events, such as stroke, which are known to increase with other antipsychotics.


So does it work for sz?

It is not approved for schizophrenia and I couldn’t find anything current on whether development for schizophrenia is continuing.

However, the good safety and efficacy in this group of fragile old folks is a good sign.

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