Everyone is watching soccer right now

Here, in the UK. The whole country in watching England in the soccer tournament. While I am watching Murder on CCTV.

I no longer have an interest in Soccer since my condition. I like to watch real life crime programs , photography, video games and music production.

Did anyone hobbies or pastimes change for you?

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I have never watched any sport in my life other than archery. My hobbies have remained consistent over the years. I fell in love with photography at age five and am still doing it at age fifty-five.


I can’t stand soccer. Such a boring sport to watch and they are all pussies, they get poked and they go FLYING on the ground, acting like they are in so much pain that someone just shot them.

Don’t get me wrong, you have to be in great shape to play and run around that much & it definitely takes a lot of skill. I just find it soooooo boring, not enough scoring, and again, they are pussies.

Bro, you barely got touched. My 1 year old neice could handle bigger impacts and not fall to the ground.


Slapshot is one of your fave films. Admit it.


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Yeah I like watching and doing archery Levi Morgan would probably win gold in the Olympics If they were allowed to use compound bows


If Football got rid of the offside rule, I would watch.

Until then, I’d rather watch paint dry.

It’s also the most unmanliest sport known to mankind.

soccer fake gif

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