Every Topic Has Been Covered

Daze flashed the whole forum, Jimbob’s naked challenge…and Pedro stated he wanted to bathe every poster.

I mean, is there anything left to talk about? Did we already ‘jump the shark’?


Before or after he wins big money?



Not sure why, but after a few years, I just feel I’ve said it all…and have nothing left to add to the conversations.

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did you have to remind us

so how did you like my boobies?

I feel the same sometimes. I know what you mean. Still it’s good to see you back to your old self though. You went through a rocky period over Christmas.


How you doing buddy? Good?



Your boobs were like two constellations…in all of their shining glory! :wink:

I’m feeling better folks. Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

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