Every time someone is allowed in my apartment,

I end up with a mouse. Why is that? A year ago, Memorial Day weekend, I was going to leave my apartment, but went back. People had broke in, made things gross and there was a small mouse. I caught it and got rid of it. There were also, all of a sudden, bugs that had never been in here. A year later, no mice and an exterminator had to come in, while I was gone. Now there is a bigger mouse in here. I just saw it. So gross. Last time, I got a 2 x 4 wood barricade that fits into the doorway of the kitchen between the refrigerator and cupboards, so it can’t leave the kitchen, but now I have to put on shoes, to go into the kitchen.

I’m sorry you have a mouse. You can get traps. They do spread disease. You want to get rid of it by any means.

That’s what I used last time. I’ll get one today.

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You should get an ultrasonic rodent repeller from amazon. I’ve used them and never had a problem.

ultrasonic rodent repeller

Sounds like something Coyote would get from the ACME company to use against the Roadrunner.


Get a cat . And you will have company too.

And those ultra sonic repellers are known to be a con. There is no proof they work. Or all the neighbourhoods dogs would be barking when you switched it on.

This one has over 2,500 reviews.

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We had a mouse in our cupboard, it ate through all the pasta bags and cookie bags so we had to throw them all out, then we laid down mouse traps.


Mice are disgusting. So glad we don’t have that issue in the larger town I live in now.

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I might try that. Thanks.

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I might. I was going to the last time.

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