Every time I try to sleep

Every time I lay down and try to sleep, I get this horrible pain in my ribs. Its the kind of pain that feels like I broke or cracked a rib. But almost like One whole right side of my ribs are broken. Its really weird. I’ve never broken a rib before so I don’t actually know how it feels but this feels pretty horrible. I don’t know what’s causing it since I don’t get the pain during the day. and it doesn’t matter how I sleep or on what mattress I sleep on.

go see a doctor it will give you the answer, and you won’t have to worry about it, and peace of mind.
take care

yeah,you need to see a doctor…hope you start to feel better…hang tough…

Got to wait till Monday now :frowning:

Where is the pain? I had an inflammation in my liver and it hurt a lot on my right side when I was laying down. Also it hurt if I pressed gently below the ribs on the right side.

I got it from drinking too much, then getting pregnant (stopped drinking) and excessive use of painkillers.

Has this been going on for a long time? This may sound odd but sometimes I get gas pains so bad that I’m in tears and if the gas is trapped under my rib cage then it can feel like it is originating from them. Especially if it is happening only when you lie down. Sometimes drinking pop/soda and burping a lot can help relief it. If there is no chance that it is gas then go see your doctor.

see a doctor. I had a cracked rib and didnt know about it until it was ossified and healed up, the physician felt my rib and said “you cracked a rib but it seems to have grown back stronger”

I was training in Krav Maga and im not surprised I cracked a rib. I remember an on and off pain but ignored it because i was 17 and headstrong.

Probably got it from being kicked or slammed on the floor, that happened often enough in training.