Every once in awhile I still catch myself typing www.webcrawler.com in as the url

I did it just now. I was meaning to go to google and I typed in webcrawler in the url bar. It’s probably been 25 years since I’ve used Webcrawler regularly as a search engine. Maybe more.

It just goes to show that some habits are well ingrained after you do them a number of times, and don’t go away easily.

Another example of this is we have a landline phone that is on the wall in the kitchen that is not connected anymore. Hasn’t functioned for a couple years. It was disconected when our older phones were connected via our cable internet company.

I still occassionally still grab the phone and try to dial, particularly when I am getting voice mails for some reason.

What’s something like this that you do out of habit?


Sorry for hi-jacking the thread to ask a question but would it be possible to add the url of my print shop as my tagline?

Yes Bowens, I do exactly that with the url of a website I used to go to until around 2021. I never press Enter though :sweat_smile:


Hi @ekoms . It is against our rules link to any site that self promotes for taking payment.

Oh I see… Thank you @Bowens.

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