Ever so grateful for support from this forum

Since the beginning back in like 2000 sometime this site was a tremendous help. I was past my suicides thankfully with a new attitude that it is very wrong but I wish I had this site back then…for those that are suicidal stick around here and let everyone know how you are feeling…never lose hope that life can’t get better…I always cry when I am very happy because I realize each time I am that happy that that never would have never happened if I was successful in taking my life…


It’s hard to remember the happy times when you’re so low, but I guess we all need to try and remember these times.

I am glad you’ve found the forum as helpful as I have also

Feels to me that there are a lot of people isolated and suffering yet mental health services don’t seem interested in getting us to help each other as peers.

That would be a good thing for recovery if we knew people and we could support each other IRL

In the absence of this, this site does help a lot!


I owe this forum and site a lot of money since I 've never donated to them yet…when I inherit my millions I plan on being generous to this site.


There is no shortage of worthy causes to donate to. If I ever get wealthy I intend to donate to as many as I can.

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As an aside - i never got your book mate. Sorry. The credit card didnt like the overseas transaction.

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you might try the amazon in europe then? I don’t know…sorry seth…

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I’ve learned a lot in the short time I’ve been on this site. It definitely helped me through my crisis two weeks ago. The therapist I see is not the best… I know thisbecause I had an emergency therapist with a different lady and she was awesome. My therapist is just kind of ok. But I’m committed to my therapyand I feel like it would be a stepback to change therapists now. Plus my therapist seems to need me. I have a sneaking suspicion that’s she’s lost other clients recently.

Anyhow, you guys are now My official in-between support group. You fill the gaps left by therapy and meds.

Thank you

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