Ever meet or dealt with a manipulative person


Yeah, everybody. Recently, I was watching a jail program called 60 Days In where they put decoys in jail who were regular people from different walks of life who had committed no crime but volunteered to go undercover and pose as an inmate into one of the countries worst jails and report what went on between the real inmates. I remember a couple of them said that in jail, it is either “control someone or be controlled.” That’s what a lot of different life situations boils down to.


They are all over the place.

Yes I have.

A while ago I met this guy who spread nasty rumors about me and made my friends not trust or like me. Ever since I’ve been lonely, but am slowly gaining friends with others, including on this site. He was quite a manipulator. He could gain people on his side because of his charm.

People who are like this are considered psychopaths.


Yes but I’m not easily manipulated lol I’m too smart for that. Not that people who get manipulated aren’t smart. Some people just have huge hearts. I have huge brain.


This can be a curse in itself sometimes

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I’ve seen it dude! I feel so sorry for them. Idk I have a strong sense of justice so I can’t stand it when things aren’t fair but. Some people just don’t have the fire in them to say no. The upside to that personality I think is theyre very dependable. Sometimes to excess I guess.


I’m getting better at drawing the line, but it’s hard to tell where that line is sometimes. I’ve always been told I’m very compassionate and empathetic, which I think is true. Of that I am proud in a way.

But people can sense that from me, and expect me to play their therapist all the time. It becomes exhausting, and is a thankless job, believe me

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Oh I see I didny know you were referring to yourself. Idk … I can see being self sacrificial sometimes. I think that’s a good thing. Just sucks when people try to milk you. Makes ya feel like a dumb ox lol

I have had people at a bus stop telling me their entire life story in 15 minutes flat, and then never see them again. I should have been a therapist, I’d be rich! LOL I don’t mind listening, it’s a craft in itself, it’s just knowing where to draw the line


Lol true I am pretty quiet in conversation tho. It’s usually like 90% the other person talking 10% me whenever I talk irl lol

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I am very talkative. Translates into my writing as well. So… sorry for all the extraneous details, y’all. I talk like this irl for the most part.

Other drug addicts were manipulative.

I fell into the trap on many occasions

Fear even at one point I was doing it, but when I got clean all that stuff went out of my life for the most part

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I’ve never really lived my life because of manipulative people and they seem to get worse all the time.

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The problem stems from childhood as I understand it.

It’s a belief that we can not get a need met directly.

I wanted to talk about this issue eventually. But my mind is focused elsewhere atm.

But shame is a huge factor for why people learn this.

It’s like when you’re taught that something you feel or something is ‘wrong’ in childhood and you’re ‘punished’ for it?

Like what that ‘supernanny’ does? That’s what causes more issues in adulthood.

It’s a parenting style that I foresee will change a lot more in the future once people become more aware of this.

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I guess I must be the victim then idk.

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That Rings very true, good insight

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It’s something I consider more seriously now since learning it.

As I have seen it and understood it now? Most of the world is manipulative.

But understanding how a need can be met and what needs you have is important. Especially emotional needs though.

With that, I go into thinking, “Why do I want to do this?” and “What am I trying to get/feel?”.

For me personally, it’s making me consider doing something which before I would have thought was some kind of ‘mistake’ or something that’s too beneath me. Otherwise, it’s just caring too much about what society thinks is ‘good’ or ‘right’.

A lot of what our society teaches is good is right has nothing to do with meeting your own needs. It’s about ‘appearance’. If you don’t care about that? You’ll more likely end up happier and with what you want than trying to fit into something that isn’t really working/creating pain.

Again, that can go back to childhood where we can subconsciously learn to suppress emotional needs or who we are to conform to the parent(s).

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Yes I’m sure you’re right. When I was in therapy, it was difficult to determine what I even needed. It sounds like you’ve given this a lot of thought

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