Ethan Hawk on Creativity

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I like Ethan Hawk. He was brilliant in gattaca.

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We watched this film when I was studying the history of science, as we were focusing on Eugenics and genes etc.

This film is riddled with references to these types of things - it was really interesting to break this down.

A lot of the reading we did were Science Fictions like Brave New World and the Time Machine when people were looking to the future and how science and eugenically driven schools of thought were progressing in the scientific community before world war two started, and after.

People actually took these things very seriously, and even British scientists were involved in this. The Nazi’s were the extreme version and took it into action.

This kind of projection of the future of humanity through genes etc was very interesting to see, and the development of it I found to be so relevant to how science has been shaped by fiction

Sorry I am rambling


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