Entire Reality Called Into Question

Hello. Ive been having paranoid conspiracy type delusions and hallucinations for the past three months about my upstairs neighbors, and I just found out last night that most of it could be just that, hallucinations. Threats that have escalated to physical violence, two days ago I hallucinated a break-in, and last night I hallucinated them coming to my friends house to assault me. My friend told me they heard nothing, which has led me to question what Ive been living through nightly for a substantial period. Have any of you had a major moment like this, the feeling that your entire life for months could be entirely fabricated? How did you recover? I feel so fractured, like Im just floating through life. Thank you all so much for any words of wisdom, I do not have any other schizophrenics in my life. I really just needed to share this with somebody.


I’ve had very similar type delusions and hallucinations when I was living in an apartment complex.

Maybe talk with your doc and let them know. That’s what I had to do for a med adjustment. Then it subsided.

Hope things get better for you soon.


When I lived in an apartment I thought my neighbors were shooting magnets through my ceiling trying to give me seizures. I thought they were poisoning my water with cocaine to give me a heart attack. I thought the neighbors put fleas in my house to try and torture me. I thought the pest control came into my apartment to poison my food. I thought a secret society was controlling my tv giving me secret messages from the Kardashians. The list goes on forever.


Recovery by meds alone. Memory loss is another major role to recovery. I have many bad situation but cannot recollect them don’t know why :thinking:


I thought my neighbors were banging and stomping on my ceiling and trying to drive me crazy through the walls and listening in to my apartment and walking above me following me from room to room. Most of it I was wrong about but my counselor talked to them and verified that I was right about a little of it. I still have minor problems but the main culprits moved out and one died (I suspected it was suicide but no one could confirm this) and now it’s just an irritating laugh sometimes or intimidation.

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