Entire existence works on CODE

Entire existence works on CODE.

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That is human code… lol

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that’s a hard one to wrap my mind around, but at my worst, I was connecting codes in newspapers and poems and other written material thinking it was directing me.

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I’ve been quite the sleuth myself at times. I’m starting to catch myself and recognize I’m doing it now.

How many times is it right, though? Is there more of a probability of correct output than the human mind can contain?

The theory or my superb dot connecting?

The theory, cuz yes there is an automatic output numerically or scientifically, but the mind itself has so many variants, well, wait, cuz that would be numerically too, cuz obviously the great thing about math, is that you can reach the same conclusion in many different ways. I’m not sure I’m reading it right.

I really need to get my head out of this stuff. I’m walking on thin ice.

Yeah, just be thankful we can have our brains, you know in the future they may decide we are too volatile to be in possession of our most basic attributes.

Code sounds too secretive and mischievous, language sounds better


That does soften it up a bit.
(Immediately starts to devise a Turing test to prove notmoses is or is not AI)

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I’m always trying to get language between one on one, and sometimes it seems to all be for me, but that can’t be right either. There would need to be a general dispensary of me latching on to achieve total dominion over me, and really there isn’t, it’s just too common for that.

That happened to me years ago. It turns out we are human so we follow suite. We need to know how a healthy persons healthy brain works and we need to duplicate the process with nootropics.

Funny, nobody talks about a healthy person’s brain, it’s always, oh, understand the criminal brain, or, understand the sz. brain. I don’t know, mostly I forget I’m ill, not sure that’s good or not.

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Daze you banged it on the target.