The actual truth, right on the target

The actual truth, right on the target…

The actual truth, right on the target…

The actual truth, right on the target…

Having no goals seems like it would give me peace. I like that.

Are you OK? Saw your post about leaving and now this… it is hard to tell if you are in a good place or a bad place now.


Existence is Physical and virtual

but, the truth is virtual is fundamentally physical existence

Computer existence is hardware and software

but, software is fundamentally hardware

Virtual and software are like thoughts which are basically physical existence


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Can thoughts exist without body?

Basically everything is physical existence

and we divided them or classified them

as physical existence and virtual existence…

I think I need Broccoli sprouts to understand this…or maybe drugs.


smiles ,

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It depends on how you define what a thought is. Currently, I think not. Maybe if AI gets advanced enough, perhaps machines can think.

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Virtual existence is like code but code can’t exist without hardware, code is a name we gave to it

Maybe we’re just brains floating in empty space without a body, with false memories. So yes.

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Those postings are good but we are just talking about everything having physical existence

It’s like the body is having goals or the body is not having goals…

Our existence is made up of the body, mind, and soul. One cannot live without the other.

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“First the thought then the action”… as in believing that all the physical universe is the very physical manifestation of what was first born in the spirit realm.