Enough Is Enough. We Need to Elect More Scientists to Congress


I didn’t know there was a governmental war on science. You mean the environmentalists as lobbyists and congressmen?

I mean President Trump and the Republicans. They are anti science.

They are? How is that?

I always vote Democratic personally.

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I always vote pro environment and that is Democrat.

I always vote pro education and that is Democrat.

I’m voting for oprah next election


I’m across the pond in the UK and watching all the Trump stuff is just surreal.

More scientists in the government would be amazing. The environment and a lot of other things likely wouldn’t suffer so much.


I would rather have scientists doing science than running the country. My U.S. foreign relations teacher once told something he’d read in the book “The Best and the Brightest”. Lyndon Johnson talked about the bright minds he had assembled to advise him on how to run the Viet Nam War, and the guy he was telling this to said that he would feel so much better about it if just one of those guys had run for sheriff in a small southern town.

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Things change and some things end up being good when they could have been bad long ago. China has scientists running their country and it seems to be working for them. :confused:

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Fascists deliberately sabotaging scientific progress, and they are a profound threat to democracy.

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China has done some impressive things, but corruption is rife in that country. They try to root it out, but it won’t go away. Pollution is terrible. Personally, I’d be willing to let them have the resources in the South China Sea if they would allow freedom of navigation, and if they would put more pressure on North Korea to end its nuclear missile program. The resources probably wouldn’t help them anyway. The money from the resources would line the pockets of corrupt officials and go to the Chinese military. The world is full of countries with huge amounts resources, particularly of oil, and who are terrible places to live. Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, and Venezuala are all countries with huge amounts of oil and who are terrible places to live.

Regular Chinese people are experiencing what the USA did in the 90s. Lots of money and lots of things to buy. America is not off from it’s corruption either from it’s corporations trying to halt progress, and it’s been under the cover for decades…

Did you ever think that mobs like antifa taking to the streets with guns and trying to shut down freedom of speech might be a threat to democracy?

Regular Chinese people are choking on the air in Peking.

There are places like that in the USA where there is high amounts of manufacturing plants and the president wants to make that worse. Scientific achievement is the only way to get rid of the necessity for that.