I voted yesterday!

And I was pleasantly surprised that it was paper based, fill in the dot with a pencil.


So … ,

Um , , ,

Yeah so … ,

Whod’ja Vote For (???)

Not sayin’. ! But my ballot was stored in the official ballot box.
If everyone in the United States votes on a thick piece of paper, which they said is stored for 22 months,
That’s ALOT of paper.

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COME ON (!!!) ,

Pretty Please with Roses Floating within tha Clouds of Beauty and Wonder (!!!)

I think it is private. Not suitable to ask.

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Oops (!!!)

Fufteen .

What is “Fufteen”? Another word you created?

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e(Y)e Don’t Create … ,

e(Y)e am thee Alpha and Omega … ,

Jus Kidding , , ,

To Say Fufteen jus Feels Better … … …

It’s private while you’re voting, and then nobody looks at the ballot after it has been filled in, it goes in a sleeve to hide it and then in a sealed envelope.

This is for people in other countries, how early voting works in my area.

Great to hear you’re voting - I hope everyone here goes out and votes!!


There’s eight candidates for prez on. my ballot :astonished:

And despite that, I might write in Pablo Escobar :slight_smile:

I can not vote, I am not even a citizen of the USA, I have never voted for anybody, I lived a long time in America and did not have any voting rights, I learned not to vote. Let the election result be a mystery, hopefully you make the right choice.

I mailed my ballot a couple weeks ago. :relaxed:


I want to vote but can’t :sob:

Im following election coverage closely. The latest scandal(s) may sway my vote :rolling_eyes:

Ya right Escobar 16. Gives a hell of he’s dead/never was a us citizen !!!

Yeah, but that the equivalent of throwing your vote away. :unamused:

I actually don’t care who wins as long as it’s not someone who’s gonna build a wall…since it directly impacts my plans to teach schools English in Latin America!!! But I refuse to vote for someone (equally) or more corrupt. Which is why Pablo gets my vote!

I’m writing in “Tickle Me Elmo” because even that is a less ridiculous choice for president than the two human pieces of garbage that are running this election

Can I votez for you?


Meh my state(s) are so damn blue anyways. As blue as my piercing eyes. Maybe I’ll vote libertarian cuz I’d like to see them get federal funding. That’s not a wasted vote