Eddie Van Hallen died today

I heard on the news that Eddi Van Hallen died today. I saw on the news that he was one of the best guitar player there is. I know your going to be interested in this Jukebox!

There’s already a thread about it, you can read it:


Oh I’m sorry…….

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Its fine, it was just so you don’t get disappointed if you don’t get much replies.

ok, thank you…How are you doing Aziz?

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I am much better than the last 3 days. They were hell, extreme headaches and fever 37.6C. I think my parents infected me with covid19. They both tested positive and I live with them. Now I just have a slightly blocked nose.

oh ok, I hope you feel better.

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Thanks @Jake

How are you? What did you do today?

I’m doing better than usual, but I’m still suffering a pretty good amount. I just went to the pharmacy with my dad, so he could pick up his medicine. That is about it.

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Aziz, how do you highlight peoples names?

15 You type @name

It will also tag them, they will get a notification.

Repeat. 15151515