Eating at 5pm may help you lose weight

Eating dinner at 5pm could help you lose weight, according to new study - Mirror Online

It is called time restriciting eating.

"The Harvard study found 5pm to be the optimal time for dinner because of how the body’s metabolism functions for the average person.

One of the main reasons is that eating dinner earlier will stop you from getting hungry throughout the day and resorting to snacking."

As this study is new, it is once again breaking new ground in the ever-evolving, ever-changing conversation surrounding food and weight.

However, there are some experts who can back up the claim that eating dinner earlier is better for you.

One such person is functional nutritionist and CEO of Flo Living Alisa Vitti, who explained that the later you eat, the harder it is for your food to digest.

She explained: “Eating too close to bedtime can decrease the quality of your sleep, increase inflammation and can absolutely make weight management more difficult as well as increase the likelihood that you will experience night sweats or hot flashes.”


When I eat too early I sometimes get hungry again at 9-10 pm.

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It seems that that defeats the object! :smiley:

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I eat a light snack at 8pm and then I don’t eat again until 11 or later the next day

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When I grew up we always ate dinner at 5

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