Easter and how it could apply

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A student asked Soen Nakagawa during a meditation retreat, “I am very discouraged. What should I do?”
Soen replied, “Encourage others.”
(Essential Zen)

I’m with you on the making it good. For Easter I’ve been thinking more of rebirth, and rejuvination.

I do see that others have seemed very down today. Not just on this forum, but in a lot of places. I feel out of step because I’m rather in awe. So many people on this forum are starting a new cycle in their year or their life.

Yes, there are some glitches in everyone life, but I see some people hatching out of their shells and waking up out depressions. I’ve been reading more posts about people getting stronger and coping better. Some are starting new meds, which takes courage. Some are starting new projects, which also takes courage.

To all that are waking up, beating this illness and reclaiming the joys that were once in your grasp, and to all who have yet to hatch but are still holding on, I wish you all a happy and rejuvenating Easter. :hatching_chick:


i agree with that zen philosophy :slight_smile:

and i know what you mean about rebirth and rejuvination, the flowers are popping up and the buds are bursting open, like what happens every year.

i just wish it could be a time where we can be reborn from our illnesses as well,

i wish we could put all our negativity down to the ground and push up all our positive energies from the very stem of our being and let all of those symptoms blow through our thoughts like branches in the wind holding strong to the root, let us be watered by love and let us be guided by the light that shines on the very fabric of our souls making us whole again,

i guess what i am ultimately saying is ‘let us bare fruit’

thanks @kidsister