Early Symptom Severity Predicts Accelerated Brain Gray Matter Reduction

Another study showing that its the schizoprhenia thats causing the gray matter loss ([not medications as some anti-psychiatry people promote)]1:

Another good reason to get treatment as quickly as possible, and stay on medications to reduce relapse risk.


Steeper gray matter loss seems to be unique to those individuals with higher levels of sub-psychotic pre-delusional symptoms that acutely worsen in the ramp-up to full-blown psychosis, and as such may reflect pathophysiological processes driving emergence of psychosis

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Thats old (10 year old) data and was only “associated with” … The new research indicates otherwise:

well this proves what I’ve always said that I am “dumber” than when before I fell ill to schizophrenia. I can’t read books anymore and I do dumb things that I didn’t used to do before the illness. I wonder how much brain tissue I actually lost.

Hmmm… I didn’t realise as data got old that it became invalid. All I see is one study saying meds shrink healthy primate brains and another saying schizophrenia accelerates normal shrinkage. All I see is a double cumulative whammy, not mutually exclusive causes.

I’m on meds.

I wonder how much remediation is possible through Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy?


For what it’s worth, fishoil/omega3 has been shown to be helpful with regards to brain volume. Here’s a random study I just found.

Also, exercise builds brain volume in schizophrenia.

I’ve always thought that it was psychosis that fried my brain. I had accelerated brain gray matter reduction, because I was paranoid long before the psychosis. I can tell too.

This is depressing. I should take a break (not have one).

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