Dumb question: What is a "Cake Day"?

I see this all the time, “Happy Cake Day” so-and-so. What is this?

It’s a forum anniversary. You have a cake next to your username every year, based on the date you joined.

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Thank you for clearing that up. I was dumbfounded.


I like cake, especially chocolate cake.

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Vanilla with buttercream frosting for me.

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I like brownie cake

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I was confused a year after I joined when there was a cake next to my name. Haha! Not a dumb question. Glad you asked.

I also wonder what it could be? I thought it could be birthday but then I got it… actually it’s the day you joined this forum… something like anniversary type thing.
I joined this forum on my bday so for me my cake day is on my birthday!!


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