Driving in my town versus chicago

I didn’t do any driving in chicago myself… but I rode in several vehicles. If I did ever drive up there I would definitely avoid driving on certain roads and at different times.

Getting back here though… traffic moves slow as hell. Such a difference. Driving in the city moves quick and people really don’t give a ■■■■ about how crappy you drive. If you get in a wreck that’s your fault.

People literally just park in the street and everyone just goes around them.

The girl I was visiting would stop 20 feet short of the stop sign because she was to busy trying to get a sense of direction on her GPS… only got honked at once…

It actually looked like fun. The cab driver we had was insanely attentive and quick even in dense traffic.

I might buy a beater volvo with a turbo at some point just to go up there and see how well I do.

There were times where I was cringing… I’m not good at being a passenger. She even got on me about checking the blind spots for her… she said “Man relax. Just trust.”

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I grew up driving in Washington DC. Arguably one of the best and worst places to learn how to drive. Good in the sense that it equips you for driving in any city in the country and deal with standstill traffic. Bad because it teaches the best ways to be an a$$hole on the road. You zoom around, careless about the world. I now drive in what I consider a small, podunk town - Springfield, Illinois.The only time I drag ass is when it snows and it turns all thick and slushy. We had snow in DC, but it was usually less than 4 inches. Here we get it in the feet. I go slow because I’ve skidded off the road and into a ditch in DC when driving a clunker of a truck, and it left an impression on me. I don’t tempt the weather. Other drivers are quicker to screw me over than the weather.

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