Dreams and more dreams

I haven’t stopped dreaming in over a a year , every single night , very lucid , very realistic . I’ve started to dream with the same voices I here and it’s starting to creep me out . Any tips or ideas on what to do would really help me out .

I have a problem with dreams too. I dream too much, and my dreams are so intense that they wake me up in the middle of the night. It’s really frustrating because it ruins an entire night’s sleep, and I wake up feeling exhausted.

I wish I had some advice. I don’t know how to make it stop.

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Hey same here. Makes me confused about reality. No one takes it seriously or cares because as soon as you say dreams people just roll their eyes. Whatever. Good luck finding help apparently there’s some meds that work for it but they didn’t for me or the side effects weren’t worth it.

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Yea , the worst thing about dreaming so often is that it starts to leave you in a really bad dais . With little sleep you can’t expect anything less than that . I’ve had a few dreams that left me pretty freaked out , kind of started to feel the same in a dream than out . But everyone dreams , so at least we’re not the only ones . But it does get annoying . I liked dreaming but only when I had them months apart , then I started getting them every freaking night , kind of ruined the whole thing . What helps me out is writing my exact thought and feelings down at night !

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I have a lot of psychedelic dreams. Super super crazy. I also get weird dreams if I play games on my phone right before bed.

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