Dreaming about surfing

I have a recurring dream, today I dreamed again. It´s allways about going to the beach and surf, this time I was on vacation with my father and, while he was swimming in the swimming pool of the hotel, I was going to a calm and empty sand beach with my surf board. I could smell the sea and feel that slight refresh from the sea winds.

Then I woke up and realized that I´m not in good physical shape to surf. I would be tired just getting halfway into the sea with the board once.

Maybe I should trick myself into doing exercise with this excuse of a dream!


The location was on the Canary Islands, Spain. I just found a random picture:


we have a surfing spot and some shops on the coast. never done it myself.

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It´s one of the best things I have ever done. I recommend you to do it if you have the chance. At least with a bodyboard, which is way easier!

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I used to dream about skateboarding all the time. I have never surfed or ridden a skateboard.

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I’m afraid of the ocean.


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