Surf... anyone?

Seems like a hobby a bored sz might be into. I’ve surfed once, on a longboard, in high school. :surfing_man:‍♂


I grew up on an island in off the coast in the pacific. Had a shitty 2 foot shore break because there is an island further off the coast and it just never got the surf. We used to hang out and make fun of the surfers. They’d come down to the beach and never rode any waves because it was shitty shore break. :slight_smile:

When I got sz though I really learned to surf. You ride out the bad times and you enjoy the good. It’s mental health surfing but it works. I can stand up on a surfboard but don’t last long. It’s harder than it looks.


I am scared of sharks, and the fish have sex in the ocean.:thinking:


I tried it. Its tough! Im a very good snowboarder and its way harder. You have to be very patient and time the wave properly. I liked body boarding though!


Dont worry they only use the fishionary position.


I surf the net. Never tried actual surfing. I’m pretty fat at this point and would sink the ocean. But I live in Minnesota so no real surfing to be had. Always wanted to try kite boarding though.


I would fear getting drawned lol I just swim close to the beach.


I skied quite a lot and snowboarded a couple of times… thought my balance on water would be great

It is So hard,
I used a minimal a small Kind of longboard and started out on the white broken waves
After 3 months I could stay on my feet once every half hour
Felt like a failure all my life about it
But when it worked it was amazing


at least you got out there and tried. more than most can say. The one time I surfed, I was able to stand on a longboard for a small wave. I had some help, someone pushed me from behind into the wave. It was exhilarating.

Sad to say no! I am born and bred in California and never tried it. I made sure my kids had the opportunity to try it though.

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I am too yucked out by the ocean water.
Our waters are now too polluted.
But they are beautiful to look at.

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In high school me and my friends had a favorite beach we would go to. We would lay on our towels and work on our tans, play frisbee, smoke some pot and then go body surfing for an hour and a half. We always went to the same spot and sometimes there would be a bunch of surfers. We kind of shared the area. Once I was in about chest deep water and a surfer was way too close to me. He was coming directly at me and I instinctively went under water and he went right over me. Now, that was scary!

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I fear being swept away by the ocean and then eaten by a shark.

Shark attacks are really quite rare. I think there were about 75 worldwide in 2020. !2 people were killed.

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That is pretty rare. Still the thought freaks me out too much. I would go into the beach, just not swim in it :grimacing:

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I live 150 km from the see side. Too far and here we have no waves because of wave breakers.

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