Dream interpretation

I had a really cool dream last night. It started off as me being in the CIA and presumably talking to my mentor. He said SERE school is the toughest training. That he actually almost died when an elevator dropped three stories. He said because it felt so real. Then I asked do you watch CIA officers family. It showed my ex wife hitchhiking across US. We went to go save her.

It’s interesting because I always thought SERE school was the hardest. I just thought that it’s always be in the back of my mind that it’s fake.

I don’t know it just fed my ‘delusion’. It’s fun to have actual dreams about your dream.

Why would I dream this? What does it mean?


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SERE school is no joke. :rosette::rosette::rosette:

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In my opinion dreams, hallucinations and delusion have no meaning.

I know man. That shits wild. I’d probably last one second. :grin:

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I went to SERE school. Everyone gets captured.


No ■■■■■■■ way. That’s cool! I forgot all pilots go.

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I only went to Sapper School. That is nothing compared to SERE School. Did they break any of your bones? :bird::bird::bird:

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No they didn’t break any bones.

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It’s just one of those things you have to do. Water survival WSQ4 in the basic school was harder. I nearly drowned.

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Is that were you bob up and down in the water with your hands and feet tied? :dog::dog::dog:

SERE training is super intense!

In the Air Force all the pilots and Airmen who work in life support have to go through it, it’s mandatory.

I’ve heard crazy stories about it. :open_mouth:

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thats crazy, thats must of been stressful!

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