Dreading work today (again)

I used to love teaching, but I’ve come to dread it now. Today is only the second day of teaching this semester and, even though Monday’s classes went fine, I am dreading today. I felt this way on Monday, too, and I hate that I feel this way about it. At least next week I will have Monday off, so I will have to deal with it only on Wednesday. It’s come to the point that the only thing about that job that I look forward to is payday, and that only happens once a month. I’m just tired of the BS, it’s not enjoyable anymore. Sure, I often dread going into work at the pharmacy, too, but that’s more understandable considering the pharmacy is the place where I go apparently to get b*tched at by the patients. I don’t know what else I can do, though. Teaching is about the only thing I know, the only thing I’m good at, and I depend on that income.

Sorry, I guess I just needed to vent about how this stuff is making me miserable. I think I usually stay fairly positive, seems I’m often the person trying to offer hope to others, but I’m not enjoying life right now.

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I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling that way about something you usually enjoy. If you give hope to others I’m sure that makes you a great teacher. It must be hard to not want to do it though.

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I’m sorry, man. Do you feel overly anxious at work, or just generally unhappy? If it’s an anxiety thing, I know a few tricks that might help.

Not really an anxiety thing, more just unhappy with my job. I suppose it’s partly just me getting tired of teaching, partly me getting tired of the drive (I commute over 50 miles each way), and partly the increased standardization of the course and the new leadership sucking the fun out of things.

I can see how standardization would ruin the fun for you. And I would definitely hate that commute. Are there any parts you still enjoy? Any particularly cool students, for example?

It’s hard to say, since I just met all of them on Monday. There are always some good students and some pain in the arse students. The past couple semesters, the latter have been getting to me and just irritating me more than they used to.

I hope you have a really stellar class this semester. Maybe they can restore your love for teaching.

Sending ((HUGS)). Hope things get better for you and you find some joy in work.