Don't wanna leave my sisters apartment/property tomorrow

I really love this place. I could just lie down all day listen to the birds, read a book, go for a hike around the property, chill with the cat, its so relaxing here. Only problem is you gotta drive most places pretty far to get food and stuff but I could live with that. I don’t wanna leave. It feels like vacation…


Why do you have to leave?

She’s coming back from vacation i’m just watching over the place when shes gone.

But seriously its so nice here my sister is so lucky. I have to go back to my crappy city. Usually every day I go to my parents house but I could just relax here and read all damn day long and find things to do if I get bored of that.

The funny thing, moving here was originally my idea, then she stole it, going on vacation in maine, my idea, then she stole it. She always steals my ideas.


:slightly_smiling_face::confused::confused: so you can not stay with her as a roomate?

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Lol shes married with her husband so itd be kinda weird

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