Just one last question before I leave

Imagine I had a boyfriend.
And then we split up.
And then he either went for one of my friends or my sister.
Is that acceptable or not.

And why?


Welcome back ! :tada:




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:frowning: Please don’t leave… I don’t think it’s acceptable . But some people do messed up stuff…

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I would say that is rude and they should ask for permission first. :chicken::chicken::chicken:

Don’t leave!

I’ll miss you. :relieved:


Don’t leave. We need you here. :grin::grin::grin:


it’s hard to stay away for me…I do it when my own stuff is bugging me too much…but I always turn up like a bad penny…been coming here now for almost 22 years.

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Maybe your friends but your sister is very unlikely.

It’s kind of a grey area. Pretty small world too. Not the worst thing in the world if that happens, as long as he’s not like insulting you or something.

Yeah, sad to see you leave though. You probably have your reasons. Just make them logical.

The idea that you’re being watched is pretty silly. It’s Truman show stuff, just nonsense in terms of earth life.

Yes, as long as he breaks up with you first. :grinning:

@anon90843118…, Leaves…, It Cannot Be…, Believed…, Was it The Thieves?.., Was. It. Mee?.. :pensive:

I would think your friends or sister should be wary. It’s pretty inconsiderate.

Wishing you the best.

It’s acceptable because you split up

Yeah Welcome Back @anon90843118! :slightly_smiling_face:


Lol I’m still leaving… By the end of today… Got one hour countdown…

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Please don’t leave. :panda_face::panda_face::panda_face:

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Aww I will miss you. GrayBear. You cool.

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I’m just feeling too much of the truman show type of thing atm…

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