Don't know what to watch

I have a few ideas. Such as

  • Pet Sematary
  • The Davinci Code
  • Stranger things
  • The Grand

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I like stranger things but only through first season.

The new Netflix The Witcher looks good. Only seen one episode and half another but if you like fantasy like GOT or LOTR then you may enjoy them…


I ended up watching pet sematary. Creepy

Haven’t seen the series or played the game, but apparently it’s really bad-ass.

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I loved season 3 of ST. A good show.

I don’t watch horror movies so I picked davinci code bc it’s the least scary

Hubby read all of the Witcher series, now my two boys are reading them. Haven’t watched it yet, hubby’ll do that at work one night.

We’ll be watching Ghost Adventures tonight again, it’s what I sleep to. Anything like that I can sleep for a few hours at a time. Hubby will occasionally wake me up and be like “what’s the story with the axe house?” Or whatever. If you know your paranormal spots you know which one that is, lol.

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