New Netflix show plz

Plz give me some good ideas for shows to watch?

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I just watch the first episode of the Witcher. Wasn’t bad.

Sex Ed season 2 comes out on the 17th. First season was pretty good


I’m watching Suits and I like it.

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Witcher I’ve seen three episodes but read the books and played the games. Still. Enough to keep you interested either way and there’s some quality production. It’s not a GOT but it’s good fantasy and has some quality.

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Finished the Witcher Season 1 a couple of days ago. Would recommend. Hope season 2 is not too far away.

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If you’re not easily triggered, ‘Don’t f**k with cats’ is very interesting


I’ve never subscribed to Netflix.

I have a feeling I’m in for a treat someday.

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Ozark is really good if you haven’t seen it yet @Wallafish


Master of None was a good show, but it got cancelled after 2 seasons after that Aziz Ansari business.

Download an android app called “upflix” for some good ideas on what to watch.

I love Ozark!
You have good taste @Schztuna :smile:

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Dirk Gently’s holistic detective agency

Right back atcha @Wave! :+1:

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Is that on Netflix now? I know it used to only be on prime.

Swiss Army Man. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

It’s on Netflix outside the US

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I started Gotham on Netflix. My tv stations that come in via digital antenna doesn’t get Fox until the wrong time of day. It’s weird, I’m in a weird spot where I get either Rockford IL or Madison WI channels, and it all matters on time of day and weather.

But Gotham right now. My kids recommend Daybreak but it didn’t get renewed.

in a couple of months I am going to watch the entire series of Harry Potter movies…thanks to @ninjastar for giving me the right sequence to watch them !

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I love “Lucifer” and “Orange is the new black”. I’m just starting “You” and really liking it so far.
For humor I watch “Brooklyn 99” and “The good place”.

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