Don't know what category this would be here it goes

I figured while coming off meds until I could get a new pdoc, coming back to the forum would help me with my symptoms to keep them in check…
If I’m not on here, I am steadily pacing against the voices and paranoia. Paranoia is a big symptom for me. It has helped being on here to keep it in perspective somewhat that if I am writing it out and getting feedback, it’s not all in my head driving me crazy…
but things are getting a little out of control for me lately especially after the last posting I read. I am going offline for awhile maybe until after my pdoc appt Tuesday or until I get this under control again. DIdn’t want anyone to worry if i don’t come back on for awhile.
Please everyone stay on your meds or find the right med to stay on.
@shutterbug I sent you a message - if you can’t, can you see if szadmin can. plz.

Good luck for your appointment…!!!
take care…!!!

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Good luck with the appointment. Come back and check in to tell us how it went.

Good luck, @mjgh06. Hope you will be better soon.

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If you feel like you need us don’t be afraid to post again. No one will think less of you.