Donald Duck never wears pants

But whenever he gets out of the shower he always wraps a towel around his waist.

Now what’s up with that?


I’ve never seen him get out of the shower…Maybe it’s to keep his feathers from dripping. .Does he wear that jacket thing at the time - or is he all white?

i always found that strange, but mostly i never understood how an intelligent being like ’ superman ’ wore his underpants on the outside of his lycra leggings !?!
to each their own…!!
take care

This brings back memories - I remember as a kid I owned a Donald Duck toy plastic figure. I always wondered why he never wore pants? I guess as a duck pants are not a requirement but he still manages to wear a shirt?
And we all know that ducks don’t wear shirts either!

Dude, lets talk about Pete the cat… What the cobblestones is up with Pete the cat?

This family just never really warmed up to Disney. Daffy Duck for me and The Roadrunner for my sis.