Don’t you just fuc*ing hate good days?

Because they are so fleeting and over with way too fast. And you can’t predict when you’ll have another one.


I had a good day once. It was the worst.


I have some pretty good days consistently. I think largely because I don’t really have expectations and just try to do my thing. Gotta love that but it’s a lot about surfing. You ride out the bad days and you enjoy the good.


Pretty much every day is a good day for me. And I love it.


I had a good day yesterday. Today was alright. I’m thinking tomorrow will be pretty boss as well (especially since I’m having a ribeye steak, garlic mashed potatoes, and sauteed portabello mushrooms for dinner).


I had a good day last week. I was wondering why it went so fast! I went to sleep and woke up two hours later.

Most of my days are the same. They’re minimally structured, and I am moderately happy most of the time during them. I only have a few complaints. Sometimes I get VERY angry, but almost always it doesn’t have much to do with what is going on around me. It’s usually about injustices that happened a long time ago. Sometimes I get cringy about things I have done in the past.

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Every day has been a good day for me since I blocked my mom in November


That’s how I feel. About good dreams.

They just tease me

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Hahaha yes you know where it’s from!

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I have quite a few good days actually.

Trouble is the bad ones are turning me exactly into the old aged miserable old sod i never wanted to be.

I got grumpy. When your dreams are blown away in the wind - and the woman you loved gives you the two fingers - its prone to make you a misery guts.

I just had three good days in a row followed by an awful day. I love good days. I hate bad days. But I get it. The reminder of feeling shitty after a good day is rough

I have good days. I have bad days. But I haven’t been suicidal since I’m on Wellbutrin. I am grateful for that. Yay meds.


Yeah I haven’t been suicidal since I’ve been on antidepressants either. Very nice feeling not to feel like dieing

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I actually have a grumpy cat hardcover book at home. It’s a good laugh for sure

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Nice! Four good days in a row!

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I had a day once.

Everyday is a good day for me. Regardless.

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