Doing nothing on the 4th

all this holiday does is upset my dogs and everyone elses dogs. poor things scared out of their wits…happy independence day, but only because I’m supposed to be supportive…


I wonder why they dont use noiseless/silent fireworks?

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Luckily, my dogs aren’t afraid if the fireworks booms so far. A lot went of last night and they just kept acting like usual. Hopefully, tonight is the same for them.


maybe if you had friends over and cooked up a storm of food the dog would perk up and you 'll be happy.

I’m on vacation this week. Was supposed to be driving east for a holiday, but I’m still too ill and need to stay within range of an ER. We had a quiet Canada Day on Saturday and watched the fireworks from our living room window. The cat didn’t like them, but she doesn’t like anything much anyhow. I found the country music concert last week to be much more disruptive. I despise country music and the show was so loud the entire town heard it. It drowned out my TV at a regular volume and my windows were vibrating.

I’m willing to compromise on the need of others to enjoy fireworks but @#$% off with your annoying loud concerts.


My dog is also scared. It’ll be over soon.

She’s staying close by

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