Doing art therapy and guided relaxation sessions in the psyche ward was worse than the schizophrenic symptoms themselves

Look, I don’t want to cut out pictures from magazines and tell a group how it makes me feel. I don’t want to draw anything. I don’t want to pass around a rock and describe the sensation on my skin. Screw that.

I don’t want to be awakened at 8:00 am every morning and sit through group therapy and than afterwards have some nurse come in and make us lay on the floor and play water sounds on a cassette player. And then have us tense every part of my body and then relax it. It puts me to sleep but were not supposed to do that.

When I’m inside the ward all I want to do is play pool, eat and pace. It’s that simple.

When I open my own psyche ward that’s all it’s going to have. No nurses or doctors, just a pool table, food and long straight hallways.


Yea I hated those calming group therapies where u lay on the floor and listen to calming music.

Hated it


I hate being told what to do, how to react or behave. That rock you speak of would be going at someones head. If only just to get out of doing it.

I’m the first to admit I have some serious anger issues


Not at a ward, but at a partial hospitalization program I had to listen to Marconi Union the most relaxing song in the world my therapist claimed. I like your ideas lol. One time they were doing meditation, and I said something outloud because I wasn’t able to stay quiet, and the whole group got aggravated!

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I was subject to having to strip down to my underwear and have wet blankets blankets wrapped around me. After ten minutes you heat up. But still, that’s 10 minutes of freezing cold.

The ward I usually go to have a technique called ‘the ice glove’ where they fill two plastic gloves with ice and have you lay down while holding them until it melts or you feel better.
Apparently it’s distracting.

All it does is hurt, I don’t feel like it helps at all. Not when the reason I was there was that I wanted to hurt.

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Not me. I like the therapy. That’s so nice and gentle. Playing pool is boring to me. So is pacing. But for gosh sake, don’t throw me in a rubber room or manhandle me with six security guards and strap me down with five point restraints! That’s so inhumane.

I thought that treatment went out of favor in the sixties. Maybe I’m wrong.

That’s pretty weird.

It happened to me. When I was alone and strapped down, I distinctly remember thinking how barbaric it was. It was so bad it made torture by a real barbarian like Atilla the Hun look like a cake walk.

Yet somehow, I’m sitting and drinking some juice in my nice, quiet apartment. They failed to break me I guess.


Dude I feel you. I hated doing group therapies. And it was in a military naval hospital psych ward and we had to wake up at 6. Eat at around 7 and start group therapies at 9. But thankfully they let me often sleep until breakfast was there and lay back down in bed until 9. After that no more bed laying or sleeping or they would see it as a red flag for major depression and make you stay longer possibly.

After those 6 days I never went back to a ward. Almost did one time again but I learned that they can’t force me to go there. But if I tried to leave they can call my chain of command and they can say keep him there longer until the doctors say I’m ready to leave if I tried to leave on my own accord. Ugh… ok I’m done. This is stressing me out again. The whole military aspect stressed me out in the end… Lol. Whatever. That was a few years ago now. Lol

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It’s definitely still alive and well here. Beats being lobotomized I guess.

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If I hear any more about that damn wall I’m going to lobotomize myself.

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I was trying to relax and the guy behind me started popping all his joints - fingers, wrists, elbows And shoulders. ’ all at once. It sounded like popcorn. I guess it was his way of relaxing.


We were in the dark one time and a lady opened a bag of chips and you can hear the crunch lol


Are you in a ward now?

I have had 18 psychiatrists. I STILL have to go to therapy. I don’t see the point. More talking about myself to do when I am really a big bore. The therapist is struggling to understand what I’m saying. Prima facie, it looks good. Sometimes I get into a psychosis after seeing him. I told him so.

I know but its kind of the point. They need a neutral setting to gauge your status. I just tried to worry about how I was feeling and give them good feedback that could be useful on finding problems early. My first stay, I was getting severe muscle twinging and I was very sensitive to the medicine. It was not fun, but by being goal oriented and focusing on my wellness I feel I shortened the time of my stay to the most minimal necessary for them to gauge my well being. Thankfully I had my family helping me out and they brought me a magazine and a book so whenever I needed alone time, I was able to just get away from everyone, and not deal with whatever they were going through and relax.

Thankfully one of my delusions was focused around taking my medicine, I mean it was still a delusion so it wasn’t healthy, but it didn’t prolong my suffering by making me question what they were giving me.

I dreaded whenever the volunteer lady came around for the “ladies pampering session”. It was all about foot and hand massage. There was no way I was allowing anyone near my feet or hands. Yuck.

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