Does your personality and disposition change from day to day?

I feel like a different person day to day.

Depends on if I’m drunk or not

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My doc says he has never had a patient can fluctuate as quickly as me.

Not really, but some personal tastes change frequently. I can go from, say, enjoying a certain meal one day to abhorring it the next time. I change my opinions often, and I can be hard to keep up with. So sayeth the wife anyway.

My personality and disposition changed all the time when I was in my anti-med… heavy drinking days.

But lately… I’ve been working to stay level.

I admit… there is a swing between feeling numb and cut off and then swinging into a manic energy surge… I don’t think my disposition changes… just my energy levels and ability to concentrate… so the doc suggest I start mood stabilizers soon.

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I don’t think mine does that much, a bit though. But as far as I can tell I definitely seem that way to a lot of people I know

i am pretty much the same …’ the dark lord of the universes ’
take care :alien:

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so sayeth the buddy also! :wink: -)

no i’m pretty consistent unless it’s the week before my period, then i’m like a bear with a sore head apparently :slight_smile:

I’m fairly consistent, but I go through several months long episodes.

It changes hour by hour. Just keep rollin’