Does your family realize you for who you are?

Or do they talk down to you and make a satire out of your personality and life, diverging you into two dimensions instead of three?

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What I really can’t stand is the very self assured and set in their ways of thinking, so self assured that their reality isn’t big enough to fit you and acknowledge you as a human being with your own thoughts and opinions. Instead, you are made out to be a freak show, a clown of which is looked down on with scorn, but they lie to themselves and say it is pity they feel perhaps in moments of shame for how warped their mindset is of you and their inability to show tolerance to diversity in a mature manner.

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And they’ll perhaps offer you their pity if you lower your head and nod to them, but if you insist on looking eye to eye they will show their true colors. This person is not your friend, nor can they be called your “family.”

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they have a hard time understanding the suffering of schizophrenia. they cant understand how ones reality can be turned upside down and where one cant change it to normal by himself.

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short answer - no

They are more understanding since I got my diagnosis. They don’t treat me badly, but I wouldn’t take any more crap from them anyway. Got enough from my parents when I lived at home.

My family loves me but do they understand my struggles? Probably not because they don’t have the same struggles. Yet they support my recovery.

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My family has committed to too many grievances. I hope to not have to deal with them ever again. They definitely look down on me, whereas before I was greatly respected & revered for being a high moral person & strong intelligence, now I am looked at as if I had mental retardation.

I can’t stand the environment anyways. My mother screwed up WAY too many times to even count, and my sisters were bad mouths, drug users, and fornicators. I don’t even have a “true sibling”, they are all “half siblings”. The family structure is so broken & hap-hazard that I am more than happy with discontinuing interactions with them in the future.

A nut.
But that is just me after all.

No. I do not think that my family really realizes who I am today. I think that they are focused on who I was in the past. I have been through many changes, and they do not see me enough to know who I truly am today.