Does this count as a near death experience?

About 6 years ago my car needed minor repairs so I brought it into the Chevy dealership. They told me it would be an hour so I decided to take a walk down the busy street to a McDonald’s to kill time. I was a about halfway there on the sidewalk and I was passing a bus stop. Here in California a lot of them just consist of a bench and a pole with the bus number attached to it. The bench is right on the edge of the sidewalk.

As I passed, there was a girl sitting on the bench and a guy was standing a little behind her. I glanced up and he was holding something that looked exactly like a gun! He was holding it like a gun and intently staring into my eyes and aiming it at my chest and he had the exact stance of someone about to shoot a gun. I freaked. I really thought the guy was going to shoot me at point blank range. I screamed, “Are you crazy”? And the girl looked up and said, “Yes, he is”.

After about three seconds I looked closer and I saw it wasn’t a gun in his hands, he was holding an umbrella. Now when he pointed it at me, I really thought I was going to die. Does this count as a near death experience?

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I’, no expert… But shouldn’t that be only up to you to decide? I think an “expert” opinion might be worsening sz symptoms…?

Do you mean your opinion might worsen my symptoms? Or do you mean I thought I was going to die because of my worsening symptoms?

No, what I meant was, that I don’t believe that any person other than yourself are able to say whether or not it was a legit experince.

Fair enough. Thanks.

I was held at gunpoint, it was my room matre, and he was drunk and being belligerent. I said, “go ahead and shoot me, I’m ready !!” and he lowered the gun. I think I would probably beg for my life or something, but I was so miserable in Florida I just provoked him. I immediately moved out to another trailer there in the park.

I have had several as I think most people do during their lives. When ever they have happened to me I just think wow,that was really close, but just carry on with life like it goes on with or without us all anyway. It’s a bit amusing when these events occur.

I think if you feel your life was in danger… and you survived… I think it counts.

I’m glad you were Ok.

There was on time I mistook a fake water gun for a real one and in a panic reaction… I almost jumped into oncoming traffic. So glad the person behind the wheel had good breaks.

I’d say it does, but not in the same guise as they’re currently talked about on the internet. Those people go clinically dead and have out of this world spiritual experiences.