Any near death experiences

Anyone know of any near death experiences ? I find the stories interesting

I’ve had them but the last time I responded to the same question the thread got locked because of religion

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Yes, but the stories are nunya.


I’ll share, I dont mind, I have like (close to 10?)

Besides my 2 failed suicide attempts, the worst one was when the bike I stole had its brakes blow out as I was flying down a hill. As I tried to brake, I went full speed over a small steep bridge and straight into a tree. I blacked out and was in and out of consciousness for like an hour.

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Kinda, a little.
When I was in my addiction in the late 1980’s, I used to party with strangers all the time. Occasionally I would run into the same person two or three times.

One time I was smoking crack with a bunch of people in an abandoned house. For some reason I can’t remember, I pissed off this other guy there but I ended up giving him a ride afterwards in my dads 1970 Cadillac. It was nighttime and I pulled over in front of someone’s house in some strange neighborhood because we had a little crack left.

We were sitting there for awhile and the dude started talking to himself. Being a schizophrenic, it was nothing new to me to hear someone talking to themselves, lol. So I went on smoking but then the guy started working himself up and getting really angry.

I had left my dads Swiss Army knife on the floor and he picked it up and he started saying stuff like, “That ol’ Nick thinks he can disrespect me, he thinks he can make me mad.” And, “I’ll show that ol’ Nick.”
Stuff like that. The atmosphere got really weird and naturally I was a little scared. My first thought was to grab the keys out of the ignition and jump out and run. This dude was a very scary looking dude.

But I knew if I made a move I would have only about 2 seconds at the most before he could react but I knew that turning the keys and grabbing them would take the whole 2 seconds and I wouldn’t make it out the door. And I couldn’t jump out and leave the keys in because it was my dads car and I was more afraid of having to face my dad if I got his car stolen then getting stabbed.

So I sat there and the guy was getting more and more agitated. Then all of a sudden a car approached and it was a cop car. The cop pulled in front of my car and I hid the crack pipe and he walked up and I rolled down the window and he started grilling us on why were there and what we were up to.
This was a predominantly black city and white guys stood out like a sore thumb and if cops saw the rare white guy like me they knew he was up to only one thing. But the cop ordered the other guy out and made him walk away and gave me the standard lecture about leaving the city and not coming back, yadda, yadda, yadda. So I left. I’ll never know how close I came to being hurt. That cop saved me at the last second.


I love reading about positive near death experiences. They give me a lot of hope and make me feel better about the prospect of death. I was thinking about ordering a book which is a compilation of stories, I think it’s by someone named Atwood.


You should Order the book

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No NDE’s, but I have had multiple OBE’s.

Once, having an OBE, I floated up to the ceiling in my bed room and could see the details on the ceiling. My father had made some fake beams on the ceiling, and patterns on the ceiling everywhere else.

When I woke up in the morning, I could still remember what I had seen. But when lying in bed the ceiling was to much far away to see the details. So I stood up on the bed and took a look. Sure enough, I could now see exactly what I saw in the Out of Body Experience.

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I had a pretty nasty car crash when I was 18. I was doing about 50 mph when I hit a car head on, not sure what speed they were doing. I fractured my spine and I still have metal in it. Luckily the people in the other car were ok, I took the brunt of it being in a very small car. Heres a pic of my car afterwards.


The last time for me was, when I first discover I was now allergic to wasp strings.
My doctor told me once your allergic to wasp. The second time you get stung is worst.
Worst!!! I almost died the first time.

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I was sucking a large candy in my mouth and hopping down the stairs and the sweet went down the wrong pipe as I hopped.

I was so scared for my life,
duno how I survived that one anymore but I did think omg wat if my life is over nnow

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Yes- when I was close to dying from exhaustion, I had a bit of hazy-like experience during my seizures.

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some books

God and the afterlife, by dr jeffrey long
evidence for the afterlife, dr jeffrey long

also look into brain surgeon dr. eben alexander, and look into the research by heart surgeon dr sam parnia


3500 hours of flight time. I have had a few not counting being shot at.


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